Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Honourable people must do honourable things; resign! – Peace Council Chairman to Hawa Koomson

Chairman of the National Peace Council, Most Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante has joined calls for the resignation of the Minister for Special Development and Member of Parliament for Awutu Senya East Constituency, Mavis Hawa Koomson.

The Minister has in the past 24 hours been at the receiving end of public backlash after she admitted to pulling the trigger at a registration center in Kasoa, an act she later described as self-defense.

In an interview granted to Class FM, the Peace Council Chair, in his personal capacity, said the Minister must live by the honourable name of a Minister and an MP and resign from her position.

According to him, people perceived to be honourable must even in the face of the greatest provocation stand by their mandate to provide leadership and therefore, pulling a gun, regardless of the excuse is a straight no.

“Why? For the simple reason that we have an honourable minister, an honourable member of parliament also, and I believe that she’s also the NPP’s parliamentary candidate for Awutu Senya East Constituency. We would expect that such honourable people would provide leadership, no matter the provocation.

“And, for her to have said that she felt threatened, so, she pulled a gun and fired it and created chaos in that place; what if, in pulling the gun, others, whoever the detractors may be, even if they were around, … also pulled a gun? What would have happened?…As far as I’m concerned, it cannot be justified in any sense…She should do the honourable thing, and for me, resign”, Prof Asante demanded.

He urged the Police and Parliament as an institution to take the matter up and bring it to its logical conclusion.

“Parliament must also have a say on such matters. Parliament cannot sit down and think that parliamentarians can do whatever they like and there will be no sanctions whatsoever,” he said.

Prof. Asante added that he believes Parliament, the Executive, the Speaker and the leadership of Parliament, will have something to say to this person because she has brought the name of Parliament into disrepute by her action.

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